The Blue Begonias

Anthro is KILLING me with their shoes, plus with their enticing sale going on (25% off all sale items) it's like how can I NOT BUY these lovely Dusky Begonia T-Straps?!? I am a complete sucker for shoes with pretty rosettes. I've had it saved in my Wish List folder for a while and it's now on sale for $79.95, and after my discount it was only $59!!! My dear husband says this will be part of my X'mas gift. My only worry is on their site it says to size down. But per some reviews, it says it fits TTS. I ended up ordering my regular size 6. I guess I'll find out when I receive 'em Dec 24th!!! I am so excited I had to post this quick. For the Anthroholics, any of you snag any Anthro sale items? What'd you get?!? I swear this sale is driving me BEZERK. I'm going back to Anthro's site now to scour more sale items. Yes, I am addicted!!! And yes, it is a disease. ***The Hallowed Halls Oxfords just went on sale too for $69.95. After the discount, it is $49.  Check out my review here.
***These Dusky Begonias are still available at Modcloth
***For a new posting of me wearing my Dusky Begonia T-straps, click here
Anthropologie Dusky Begonia T-Straps
Nothing like a picture to tickle the senses - Tuberous Begonias


  1. I wanted these shoes too!! but i ended up getting the Glad rags Tstraps.

  2. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I picked up these heels too but I sized up. I'll let you know when I get 'em if it fits.
    I'm a bit worried myself

  3. I ordered the Catch Step Booties. I like rosettes too, but I'm a sucker for ribbons even more :P

  4. I ended getting a whole BUNCH of xmas prezzies for others, but I got the Dusky Begonias, the Catch Step booties and Ingrid Boots for myself. lol, i sure made a dent in my wallet

  5. Jen - the Glad rags t-straps are super cute. Can't wait to see how it looks on you on your blog

    Anon - yes, definitely do let me know. I'm glad they have the size 7 online. so if my regular 6 is too small, I can still order my size up.

    Libby and Olivia - you made me do a double take on the Catch Step Booties. They are gorgeous! I'm gonna do a quick post on 'em now :-)

  6. I just got these and love them:)