ROTW (Recipe of the Week) - Pork Loin with Mushrooms & Garlic & Sage Pan Jus

My husband and I love cooking shows, and after watching Julie and Julia, we became inspired and decided to cook our way through Eric Ripert's show Avec Eric. Ripert is an acclaimed French chef and co-owner of Le Bernardin - one of the world's most renowned restaurants. Ripert's style of cooking is simple and light compared to Julia Child's (her cooking tends to be more on the artery clogging side). His motto is to let the ingredients be the star of the show, so as long as you use good, fresh ingredients, there's not much else you need to do. The first recipe we attempted was a success. Both my husband and I love this dish. The pork is moist and it tastes rustic and delish! Check out the recipe below. Bon Appetit!

Serves 4
The Pork Loin and Jus:
2 pound loin of pork, trimmed and tied
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 head of garlic, cloves separated, unpeeled
2 bay leaves, lightly crushed
3 sprigs sage
¼ cup white wine
½ cup chicken stock
fine sea salt and freshly ground pepper

The Mushrooms:
12 ounces wild mushroom medley, such as morels, porcini, chanterelles or oyster mushrooms
2 tablespoons canola oil
2 tablespoons butter
1 small shallot, finely minced
2 teaspoons finely minced garlic
2 springs thyme
fine sea salt and freshly ground pepper

1. For the pork, tie the pork loin with kitchen string: once lengthwise and every inch crosswise. Season the loin very well with salt and pepper.
2. Heat the olive oil in large sauté pan over medium high heat. Carefully add the pork loin to the hot pan and sear on all sides until golden. Add the whole garlic cloves and lower the heat and continue roasting covered for 25-30 minutes.
3. While the pork loin is roasting, prepare the mushrooms by trimming and cleaning all of the mushrooms. Heat a sauté pan with the oil and butter, add the minced shallots, garlic and  thyme leaves, cook until soft, about 3 minutes. Add the mushrooms and continue cooking until the mushrooms are tender about 5 minutes. Set aside.
4. Check the doneness of the pork loin by inserting a meat thermometer into the loin, it should register 145° F.  (It will continue cooking while resting.) Transfer the loin to a cutting board and let rest.
5. Place the pan back on the burner over medium heat; add the bay leaves and sage and deglaze the pan with white wine. Reduce the wine by half and add the chicken stock and bring to a simmer and lightly reduce again. Add the sautéed mushrooms to the sauce and remove from heat and let sit to infuse for about 5 minutes.
6. Slice the pork loin into ½ - inch thick slices and lay 3 slices on a plate. Place the mushrooms over and around the pork loin, spoon the sauce around and serve immediately.

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  1. i cooked this yesterday. it was really delish!