BOTD - Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

Description From Publisher's Weekly:
In the Giffin's latest, Nick Russo is a pediatric plastic surgeon; his wife, Tessa (sister of Dex, from Something Borrowed), is a professor turned stay-at-home mom living a cushy life in Boston. Nick is called in to care for a six-year-old burn victim, and Nick's devotion to his work is soon tangled up in his attraction to the boy's mother, Valerie, a single attorney. Narrated in turn by Tessa and Valerie, the action centers around—will they or won't they, and, if they do, will Tessa forgive him? While unclear what Nick finds so unsatisfying in his marriage, adultery is always tempting and Tessa and Valerie both have their charms.

My thoughts - It's a good read, I liked that Giffin tackles both sides of the story. In marriages, you always wonder why men and sometimes women tend to stray, cheat, whatever you wanna call it. And this book gives you a tiny glimpse into the lives of a married couple and the 'other woman.' Although this book is not as good as Giffin's earlier works, it is still worth reading. As Giffin describes her own books - it's chick lit with heart. And this book has plenty of heart.

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  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    i've read all her books but this one. i'm still hedging on this one...